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Life Changer

Includes 20 x 60 minute sessions

Initial payment of $250.00 + 5 payments of $250.00
- OR - Single payment of $1375.00 (save $125.00)

Truly change Your Life! 20 - 60 minute sessions, with two built in extra sessions if needed. Focus of this package is to experience a long term period of growth, development, change and ultimate fulfillment. Larger, more significant goals may be a part of this package or multiple areas in which a client wishes to change.

The duration of this package allows you the time to truly change your energy and life experience in order to fully make the goals, ultimate Life Changers. This package is designed for weekly sessions through the first 3-4 months and then tapering down on coaching frequency as these changes take hold and you begin to experience your own ability for change and self accountability. Ideal for those want to make a large change or changes in several dimensions of their life.

6 month commitment

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